Fred Phillips

Engineering Team Lead at Bloomberg | +447786820992 |

Bloomberg LP

Software Engineering Team Lead

2020 - now

News Automation Infrastructure

Leading an agile team of four engineers building Bloomberg's automated news platform, which is used by a team of content engineers to generate news stories automatically. Developing the product in coordination with multiple stakeholders balancing new features for clients with improving developer experience for the content engineers. The platform is a real-time distributed system built with a combination of Python 3 and TypeScript, and runs hundreds of different types of automated story which are triggered by market moving events and collect data from over one hundred data sources and APIs.

A project to integrate automated news content into manually written stories was recently launched to good reception from reporters in the newsroom. The stories produced with this are amongst the most popular of all news stories on the Bloomberg Professional Service with tens of thousands of reads every day.

Experienced as a hiring manager for both senior and junior candidates, have conducted hundreds of interviews for different roles across the company. Now specialising in interviews of candidates from diverse backgrounds outside of Computer Science.

Senior Software Engineer

2017 - 2020

News Automation Infrastructure

Joined the News Automation team as a senior software engineer and led the technical direction of the team. Designed and developed the team's priority queuing system based on RabbitMQ, the story aggregation system to link similar automated stories, and many other projects.

Planned the Python 2 to 3 migration of all news automation code. A 18-month project across multiple teams to migrate over 1.5 million lines of Python 2 to Python 3 without service disruption. Communicated the importance of the project with stakeholders to get it initially prioritised and to keep them engaged and informed throughout.

Coached and mentored junior members of the team, training them to lead on projects design sustainable systems.

Managed multiple clusters of Linux machines in Bloomberg's datacentres to run the team's applications, including budgeting for and provisioning hardware.

Software Engineer

2014 - 2017


Maintained numerical models in production to predict power and gas supply and demand across Europe implemented in Python. Worked with counterparts in the product team to take their models and run them reliably in production. Built infrastructure and tooling for the models to publish their results in realtime to clients through the Bloomberg Professional Service and directly to Excel.

Commodities was one of the first teams in the company to adopt Python, developed standards within the team that were adopted throughout the company and maintained a library that was used by thousands of engineers.

Wrote and maintained real time pricing engines built in C++ to publish commodity prices to clients. Pioneered migrating these from legacy big-iron systems to commodity Linux hardware.

School of Physics, University of Edinburgh

Research assistant


Continued with master's dissertation project to model bacterial growth on rocks to help with exobiological research.

Bloomberg LP

Software Engineering Intern



Built client facing application in C++ and JavaScript to show power flows between neighbouring countries.

Institute of Evolutionary Biology, University of Edinburgh

Software Engineer


Built application called GridQTL to fill gaps in genotype data sets with probabilistic data points based on hereditary data. Implemented in Java and deployed to production for use by researchers across the world.

University of Edinburgh

Physics MPhys


5 year master's programme in Physics specialising in computational and macromolecular physics. Master's dissertation in modelling bacterial growth on rocks. Bachelor's dissertation on factor analysis of data analysis skills in physics students.